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Latest News...

Daily Mail interviews Polly...

Our founder is interviewed by the Daily Mail, and talks about her experiences after the Bali bombing, leading up to the current day.

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Janaury 15 2015

100+ Club December 2014 Prize Draw has taken place - to find out who the winners were follow this link >>>

October 6 2014

Our 2014 Newsletter has now been published; to download a copy follow this link >>>

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London Support Group


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February 17 2014

Swansea - Welsh Centre for Burns & Dan's Fund for Burns...

Dan's Fund for Burns donated a manual hoist to the Burns Unit to aid recovering burns survivors. A formal handover was attended by Rosemary Derby, Trustee, and Joy Huston in the Burns Unit on 4th February 2014. Dan's Fund for Burns also handed over an iPad for the use of the Burns Ward patients.

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February 4 2014

Carer of the Year Awards

Burns and plastics specialist nurse, Claire Porter, has been nominated by her colleagues at Leicester Royal Infirmary; they say, "She strives to give the best possible service..."

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Support Group Study...

During the past year, DFFB funded a major study on UK-wide Support Groups for Burns Survivors, conducted by Camilla Batchelor in conjunction with Dr. Lisa Williams (Chelsea & Westminster Hospital Burns Unit) and presented to the British Burns Association Annual Conference.

To download the study report please follow this link >>>

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Fundraising News...

Royal Parks Half Marathon 2014

A huge success, a massive achievement by all who took part...!

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Future Fundraisers

Surrey Fundraisers organising events throughout the year - follow this link to find out more >>>


Feedback reports

Emirates Airline Rugby Long Lunch

Emirates Airline has again generously supported DFFB at this outstanding annual lunch.

Ten years on we are so grateful for this support which annually gathers over 750 enthusiasts for an afternoon of outstanding entertainment.


Singapore Bucks Rugby Club Dinner

Sincere thanks to the Club for continuing to support us during their Annual Black Tie Dinner for the 10th year since the Bombings in Bali in which so many Rugby players lost their lives.

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or any value up to £50.

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Welcome to Dan's Fund for Burns

Practical Help For Burns Survivors

Royal Parks Half Marathon

Our eight runners ALL made it to the end


to each and all who put everything into this event

All that hard work came to fruition on Sunday and our eight runners are to all be congratulated on their magnificent efforts - the rain held off and in fact it was perfect weather for the runners.


We are also grateful to all the amazing supporters who came along and gave a day to cheering our runners with encouragement all along the route.

Jim Rowlands of Skynasoars generously gave us six more flags so we had plenty to spread along the run; Jim and his wife also made a long trip to come and support us!

As we waved these wonderful flags along the route our runners could see them from a distance and know they had company in their efforts.


Being the Anniversary of the Bali Bombings, it was particularly special for Polly who, rather than attending the Annual Memorial Service, gave herself to the challenge of the Half Marathon.

It was, therefore, particularly special that, as the route passed by the Bali Memorial, Polly was actually able to send a wave to her lost friends and Dan, all of whom we believe were encouraging her.


Fundraising has been phenomenal; Polly alone has raised over £7,000 and we feel that by the time our other runners finish their fundraising, the Royal Parks Half Marathon will have raised around £10,000 for the Charity.


A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supported these individual efforts.


If you are interested in running in 2015 please contact: joyhuston@dansfundforburns.org


You can sponsor Polly and donate to Dan's Fund through her JustGiving page by following this link
www.justgiving.com/Polly-Brooks >>>

JulianHerbert is also running for Dan's Fund and you can sponsor him at
mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/julianherbert1? >>>

Katherine Jones, a burn survivor and Ambassador for Dan's Fund, is also running and you can sponsor her at


Royal Parks Half Marathon 2014     Royal Parks Half Marathon 2014     Royal Parks Half Marathon 2014



A major burn injury can be a lifetime sentence. Recovery often involves prolonged hospitalisation and surgery, immense pain and a lengthy rehabilitation process. However there is an urgent need for support for burn survivors beyond their dismissal from the intensive care and treatment provided in hospital.


Dan's Fund for Burns, a registered burns charity was established by Polly Miller after her husband Dan, best friend and seven other friends were killed in the 2002 Bali bombings. Polly was badly burnt herself and learnt first hand just how painful and devastating, both physically and emotionally, it is to be burnt. You can read Polly's story in the History section.


The main aim of Dan's Fund for Burns is identifying those most in need of help and providing it in a swift and practical way. Polly saw the great need for ongoing support for those affected by burn injuries and realised there are many victims receiving virtually no support from their family or the health service. For more information please go to the Aims & Mission section.


Dan's Fund for Burns is here to help you if you are Burn Survivor and we are always pleased to hear from people like you. Some of their stories and contributions can be found in the Survivors stories section.


Do you know...

  • How burns affect the skin?
  • How long does it take for burns to heal?
  • What long term problems burns victims are left with?
  • What is the difference between a 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree burn?
  • What is the survival rate for burns victims?


To find out more, go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section.

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