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October 23 2020

Our 2020 Newsletter has now been published; to download a copy follow this link >>>

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February 9 2021

Weekly Burn Support Online Live Chat

Every Wednesday evening, 7.30-9.00pm (UK time), please join our online burn support Live Chat.

For more information on how to register and join the chat please follow this link >>>

February 9 2021

100+ CLUB

Join our 100+ club and be in with a chance to win a monthly prize.

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February 9 2021

Upcoming Events

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December 11 2019

Machines for Burns Services...

The University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust received a Meek Mesher Machine from Dan's Fund for Burns.

For more information, please follow this link >>>

Hello Again website

Read about this exciting new project, sponsored by Dan's Fund for Burns, and browse the associated website.

Designed to support young people transitioning from children's burns services, the site aims to provide a helpful source of information for these young people, their parents/carers and health professionals alike.

Take a look at the Feature Article on our Home page, and read some more on our Current News page >>>

London Support Group


For details please go to Support Groups >>>

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The Adult Burn Support UK website brings together the most helpful resources and information available to burned adults, families and friends, burns practitioners and anyone else interested.

Burn Professionals and Burn Survivors have provided advice and input and contributed to the content of the site for which Dan's Fund for Burns is extremely grateful - to access the site and see what's available, please follow this link >>>

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Charitable Bookings

DFFB has recently signed up to Charitable Bookings and, for those of you who enjoy eating out, if you make your reservations through Charitable Bookings, £1 per person goes to the Charity of your choice.

At the same time, IF you have a favourite Restaurant and find it's not listed, if you let Charitable Bookings know they will approach the Restaurant to see if they would be willing to participate.

We will shortly be issued with special cards with the DFFB logo and information - if you would like to have some of these, please contact us at info@dansfundforburns.org


Surrey Fundraisers organising events throughout the year - to find out more, follow this link >>>


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Emirates Airline Rugby Long Lunch

Emirates Airline has again generously supported DFFB at this outstanding annual lunch.

Twelve years on we are so grateful for this support which annually gathers over 750 enthusiasts for an afternoon of outstanding entertainment.

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Dan's Fund for Burns :: News & Events :: Current news

Here you will find a sample of our recent and current projects, but for a more in depth understanding please go to the Newsletters section.



September - Weekend Away for Adult Burns Survivors

The weekend offered a break for Adult Burn Survivors in the historic city of Oxford.

Around 50 individuals attended and, from all accounts, everyone had a great time, including an evening Quiz, interesting talks on the Saturday, yoga and swimming opportunities, a walking tour of Oxford, and more.

The weekend was designed to provide a break allowing everyone the opportunity to meet and share experiences, and to participate in the various activities.

August - The Launch of the Adult Support Chat Forum

This is a very exciting new addition to the support available for Adult Burn Survivors and, since its launch more and more individuals are logging in.

DFFB, with the assistance of staff from Broomfield Clinical Psychologists, now has several trained monitors and looks to expand this service over time.

Improving Scar Management

A new aid to Occupational and Physio- Therapists, is this new machine.

The LymphaTouch provides intensive massaging to scars at a far greater intensity than is possible manually, at a cost of approximately £6000 per machine.

DFFB has provided 13 of these unitsto 13 different Burns Services throughout the UK.

Young Adults Weekend Away

Young Adult Burn Survivors, between ages 16 to 25, often experience a very difficult time moving from childhood to adulthood which, we may remember, is difficult enough under normal circumstances but dealing with scarring and appearance is excessively hard for this group.

DFFB has enthusiastically offered these weekends away, in 2018 and 2019, and the Young Adults who have attended, as well as those burns specialists organising the events, all report an enthusiastic response by being given a chance to mix and share experiences, and know that they are not alone...!

Machines for Burns Services

Once again Dan's Fund for Burns has provided a Meek Mesher to the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust and, shortly, to another two NHS Trust Burns Services.


Adult Burn Support UK

We are thrilled to announce the new website, Adult Burn Support UK, is now up and running with lots of information to assist adult burn survivors, families, friends and those interested.

Please feel free to browse, and contact us with your ideas or if you need help - watch for more updates...!

June - Chelsea & Westminster Hospital Burns Centre Splinting Course

19 Specialised UK-wide Burns Staff attended a three day course in Splinting, underwritten by Dan's Fund forĀ  Burns, and conducted by experts in the fireld from the United States.

The course began with a review of the process on transparent faceĀ  masks discussing difficult cases and solving problematic situations when splinting the face.

Discussion continued focusing onĀ  designing and fabricating dynamic splints that help improve theĀ  function of patients so they can actively complete daily activities.

On the third day work concentrated on serial casting andĀ constructed casts for the upper and lower extremities.

On the final day the course covered axillary splinting and facial orthotics, mouth and nose/ear splints.

During the entire course therapists were able to actively participate in the construction of all orthotics.

They were able to discuss difficult scenarios and share thoughts and ideas on how to approach splinting and casting.

The American experts were much appreciated by all participants.

Two Burns Centres have benefited from large donations of much needed machinery to assist in Burns treatment:

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, Burns & Plastics - Dan's Fund for Burns is purchasing a Meek Mesher for the Burns Centre in Birmingham, and this will be handed over shortly. The Meek Mesher machine photo and pics of mechanism to expand a sheet of skin graft into multiple small pieces of skin graft thereby expanding the area of burn that can be covered.

Meek Mesher

Pinderfields General Hospital, Northern General Hospital Burns Centre - Dan's Fund for Burns has recently purchased a Laser Doppler Machine for Pinderfields. In late June, Julie Richardson of Moor Instruments gave three days of training. The Laser Doppler is a standard technique for the non-invasive blood flow monitoring and measurement of blood flow in the microcirculation. The strength of the technique is in looking at changes in flow - either over time or differences in flow over an area of skin or other exposed tissue. This greatly aids Burns and Plastic Consultants in the treatment of burns.

British Burn Association Annual Conference

Dan's Fund for Burns will be represented again at the British Burn Association Annual Conference in Swansea, April 11-13, hosted by Moor Instruments Ltd.

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